Management Service Command Center of Dapeng New District opens
Dapeng New District Management Service Command Center officially opened April 29. Wang Jingdong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dapeng New District and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.
Shenzhen Daily
PUBLISHED:2019-05-07 15:00:00

In order to speed up the construction of urban governance system and governance capacity informationization, the Dapeng New District Management Service Command Center (hereinafter referred to as the Command Center) officially opened on April 29. Wang Jingdong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dapeng New District and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

The total investment of the command center project is 29.66 million yuan (US$ 4.404 million). The design and construction started in the second half of 2017 and all the construction work has been completed. The command center covers an area of 574 square meters with a floor area of 1,182 square meters, which is equipped with command center hall, research room, duty office, command and decision room, computer room, spare room and material warehouse and so on. The command center has five functions: data integration center, operation monitoring center, command and cooperation center, multi-function conference room and intelligent Dapeng achievement display center. At present, the command center gathers and integrates about 770 million government affairs service data, perception data and Internet data from 37 departments of cities and districts as well as more than 7000 videos covering key areas such as the sky, reservoirs, important roads, scenic spots, schools and hospitals in the Dapeng New District, which lays an important data foundation for perceiving the situation of urban management services.

The command center has already formed a coordinated command network which builds a link with the municipal government, the municipal Committee, the offices and communities, as well as the departments of public security, transportation and municipal supervision. In the future, the command network will basically cover all the important departments and enterprises in Dapeng New District. It can hold multi-level video conference of cities, districts, offices, communities and enterprises at the same time. It can quickly and efficiently complete the upload and delivery of instructions and truly achieve the goal of combination of peacetime and wartime, unified dispatching and joint action disposal. At the same time, the network will combine with the characteristics of the Dapeng New District and arrange the information to form the typical command scenarios of high altitude, transportation, ecology, three resistances and food safety, which provides an important guarantee for quickly and efficiently command and control.

The command center took the lead in putting forward a new urban governance mechanism based on standardized early warning model across the whole city. The command center is based on the characteristics of Dapeng New District. The command center also constructed a real-time monitoring special subject, focusing on tourism, ecology, transportation and safety production, so as to discover the risks and hidden dangers in urban operation in time. At present, the command center has achieved the the monitoring and early warning of meteorological disasters, major hidden dangers in safety production, excessive amounts of environmental monitoring index, flood control limited level of reservoirs and passenger car over speed and tired-driving. The command center built a closed-loop process from early warning monitoring, analyzing to tracking processing, which further promote its level in social governance and comprehensive management of urban operation.